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Military Families Seek Justice

Over 1 million Camp Lejeune military families and area residents are waiting to receive justice after it was revealed their drinking water was toxic. These families are seeking damages against CTS Corporation, the company responsible for the pollution. Those affected suffer from liver, kidney and heart ailments, several types of cancer and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Additionally, drinking the toxic water led to many deaths for caused by the toxic drinking water. For decades, Camp Lejeune and Ashville, N.C. residents were exposed to trichloroethylene( a known carcinogen), benzene and perchloroethylen.

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NFL Faces Additional Lawsuits

The $765 million settlement for NFL players suffering from concussions is still under review. A recent ruling involving plaintiff Roy Green may set precedent for future negotiations of the NFL concussion settlement. On May 14, 2014, Judge Anita Brody ruled that the Roy Green, et al. v. Arizona Cardinals case be remanded to the Missouri state court. “The duties owed to the plaintiffs arise independently from the collective bargaining agreements,” stated Brody (Forbes).The ruling to try the case outside of the class action settlement affects the way the NFL can dismiss the lawsuits and could result in a larger sum of money awarded to the plaintiffs.

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GM Seeks the Fast Lane On Recall

On Friday the United States Justice Department announced a fine in the amount of $35 million to be levied against General Motors. The fine comes on the heels of an admission by General Motors that the company did in fact fail to recall 2.6 million cars in a timely fashion. Evidence has been presented that the manufacturer knew of the faulty ignition switches as far back as 2001. To date 13 deaths can be attributed to the malfunction. As of May 25th, 47 frontal-impact crashes can be linked to it as well.

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