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NFL Faces Additional Lawsuits

NFL Concussion SettlementThe $765 million settlement for NFL players suffering from concussions is still under review. A recent ruling involving plaintiff Roy Green may set precedent for future negotiations of the NFL concussion settlement. On May 14, 2014, Judge Anita Brody ruled that the Roy Green, et al. v. Arizona Cardinals case be remanded to the Missouri state court. “The duties owed to the plaintiffs arise independently from the collective bargaining agreements,” stated Brody (Forbes).The ruling to try the case outside of the class action settlement affects the way the NFL can dismiss the lawsuits and could result in a larger sum of money awarded to the plaintiffs.

In addition to the current lawsuits against the NFL, six of the plaintiffs are now involved in another lawsuit regarding the NFL’s use of painkillers to treat injuries and speed up recovery times. The plaintiffs claim the drugs were obtained illegally and administered without full knowledge of side effects, resulting in lasting damage to their overall health, and in some cases drug addiction. Sports commentators predict the NFL will argue of the players’ knowledge of the potential need to administer pain medications (CBSSports). NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy issued a statement to the Associated Press that the NFL has not yet seen or reviewed the case (BBC News).