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“This helped me with my auto payment, house payment, & every day bills.”

Gerald D., OH

“Your company has been a life saver. Getting able to get caught up on bills before eviction was worrying me 24 hrs/a day.”

Tamera S., T

“First class service, friendly as the come – Thank you.”

Kristi H., WA

“Caught up on bills.”

Ellie C., NV

“Prospect Funding has helped me in a way that I can’t explain. I thank you so much cause I was in need desperately. Thank you Jesus!! Now I can catch up on a few of my bills. Thanks again!”

Natasha M., TX

“Was able to repair my truck that’s in need of repair.”

Daniel H., CA

“Thank you for your help, you help me a lot.”

Brenda W., NY

“You helped me pay rent and utilities during my surgery.”

Sarah D., FL

“By giving us the money we need to pay off a lot of past due bills that have accumulated.”

Niketa D., OH

“You helped me pay line of credit that was accrued due to missing work, keep my car payment current, and have living expenses.”

Brandy B., TX

“Prospect Funding Partners provided a valuable financial benefit that will allow us to maximize the recovery of our litigation.”

Ken & Clarinda L., TX

“Thank you. As I am seeking employment I am now able to pay the mortgage and car payment.”

Philip M., NY

“Kept my daughter, grandson and I in our present home by helping with much needed funding for bills, rent, etc.”

Pamela H., FL

“Helped me avoid eviction and being homeless.”

Aran T., FL

“This helped me take care of my children and expenses for my home.”

Rachel W., CA

“You all have saved my life. Literally saved me from losing my apartment this month. Ruth and Jessica have been so wonderful. You are very lucky to have such dynamic women working for you. Thanks.”

Shelly F., TX

“Prospect Funding has enabled my family to stay in our home.”

Allen W., NY

“You have been such a blessing to me.”

Sheila E., TX

“You are helping me get a spinal stimulator surgery to help with my pain and help provide a Christmas for my children.”

Anthony A., MI

“You have helped me get my bills current and Xmas for our family. This funding is really making a difference for the better.”

Joe H., CA

“Saved me and kids from being homeless.”

Logan O., TX

“This will make it possible to provide college needs for my daughter.”

Carol R., FL

“You helped me to get the funds I needed when I needed it. Thank you.”

Chad M., WI

“Easy approval and fast service.”

Timothy B., TX

“Prospect Funding’s assistance in paying off the out of pocket medical expenses is a piece of mind and helped me in keeping my credit score.”

Thomas F., CA

“You helped save my house.”

Christina L., NJ

“Just know you were truly a blessing to me. Thanks.”

John B., NY

“This funding was a big help for me. Without it I will be fighting to get my life back after my injury. Now I can get my life back."

Delores W., NJ

“You will never know how much you helped me with my financial burdens at this stage of my recovery from my accident. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude! Thank you! Bless You!”

Carol T., AZ

“My bills are piling up and my granddaughter has been accepted to college in Atlanta, and her mom is a single parent and needs my help to pay tuition.”

Jackie W., MS

“I had no money, nowhere to go, but Prospect was there for me.”

Pattie S., PA

“Providing I receive the funds today, I will be able to avoid cancellation of my health insurance which is CRITICAL for me and it may give enough to get into a home.”

Richard S., TX

“…thank you for being the sweetest, most attentive, courteous rep. You are ever so helpful, kind, and strongly endorse you...”

Shelly L., NY